Nightbane Accounts – A closer look

So do you think you can make a living from selling Wow Gold? It was the usual Friday night conversation that blokes who play computer games and hate their day jobs have. Although this one was not quite as ridiculous as who was the fittest chick on the Flintstones.
Of course there were people doing very well from selling Gold in WoW – I’m not sure how they started but if you look at the many World of Warcraft gold sites you can tell that there’s definitely money in it. There are obviously problems to this just like taking any career switch – the most fundamental one in our case was the fact that we were even more skint in Azeroth than in real life – we had a singular talent for “Not making gold in WoW”.
That was obviously the main hurdle to overcome – as at our current rate if I switched vocations I’d be looking at a rather large salary cut – about 99.2 % actually. It made me think though – World of Warcraft is a huge complex game behind those cartoon graphics. For anyone who has ever placed an item for sale in the Auction House and then saw it relisted at four times the price you could tell that some people were more than capable of making a living selling WoW gold. Alas we were not – all these companies would have to be fantastically efficient at earning gold to even turn a moderate profit. Well do you know what – they are!
There are many ways these companies make enough gold to be able to supply people on any realm with whatever they need. Unfortunately some of these are not very nice – a proportion of them earn gold from hacking peoples accounts. A favourite trick is to powerlevel a customer and get paid – then hack into their account and steal all their gold at some point in the future. It’s a fact and why Blizzard are so keen to clamp down on the whole gold buying in World of Warcraft scene. Many companies though really do farm their gold legitimately and to do this they use some incredible systems.

I and my pals all bought a guide each to try and figure out how they do this and we sat down and tested each one. They all sounded plausible but most of them didn’t really offer any fantastic insight into how to make gold in Wow quickly. We found two that actually worked out of the ones we bought (4 in all) – in one there is actually an exact method to gain enough WoW gold to gain an epic mount in one day – OK it can get a little boring but one day is pretty amazing to earn that amount of WoW gold (you do have to be a high enough level though).